Cable Removal

Miles of abandoned cable can easily be found in the ceilings and walls in hospitals, schools and office buildings that were built many years ago, and then expanded in recent years. Particularly vulnerable and in need of urgent corrective action is the healthcare industry, where abandoned cables abound and safety concerns are a high priority.

Due to changes in the 2002 edition of the National Electric Code (NEC), these abandoned wires may now render your property out of code, jeopardize your fire insurance, and represent a significant legal liability. The new rules make it a violation to have abandoned wires in your building's risers or plenums and, in addition, mandate the use of specific wiring standards for new installs.

The new NEC rules are quite complex, and often confusing, causing building owners to wonder which way to turn. We have the knowledge and experience capable of performing the identification and removal task according to code and very





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